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We are honored to have had our flock featured on the cover of the

March 2015 issue of "The Shepherd" Magazine!

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Tanned Shropshire Sheep Pelts are now Available in limited quantities!

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Did you know that wool...

Naturally resists soiling, repels moisture, is very durable, is flame resistant, retains it's shape, resists wrinkles, is comfortable to wear in all seasons AND is a natural renewable resource?

All of our woolen products are made of 100% Shropshire Fiber, all from our very own flock of Shropshire Sheep in rural southwest Wisconsin. Shropshire Sheep are considered a rare breed by global standards. All our fiber is hand sheared by us. Rest assured that this is done in an absolutely "cruelty free" manner.  Our sheep are handled daily and treated with utmost care. The fiber is then processed at a local mini-mill near our small town using time honored techniques.  We believe in providing the best product possible and feel that our Shropshire wool, rovings and yarn are simply a joy to work with & we hope that you agree! All rovings and yarn are pre-washed and contain no dyes, chemicals or additives of any kind.  We offer fiber in a lovely creamy pearl; however- shropshire fiber will dye beautifully, should you so choose! New in 2013 we will have a limited amount of naturally colored Shropshire fiber in several shades of grey & black.  If you haven't done so already, please visit our main site www.sugarridgeranch.com to see photos of our flock and to answer any questions you may have regarding shropshire fiber.  The tab entitled "All About Shropshires" will answer your most frequently asked questions.  We hope that you will enjoy making some beautiful items with artisan wool from our home to yours.



Did you know that one honey bee...

will produce 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime?

All of our honey is 100% raw honey - pure & unfiltered. It is lightly strained and will contain bits of pollen that add to the honey's flavor & health benefits.  Our raw gourmet honey is prepared in small batches and is hand-extracted by us here at Sugar Ridge Ranch.  Our hives are located right here on our farm in southwest Wisconsin.  The bees forage on alfalfa, clover, apple blossoms and wildflowers.  The honey produced is light & mild tasting, yet has a delightful floral bouquet.  Because our raw honey is minimally processed honey, it will be much richer tasting than heated and filtered commercial honey.  Each year our raw honey will have a slightly different taste, depending on the weather and what the bees have been foraging on. Honey will naturally crystalize over time, to re-liquify simply place in a hot water bath.  DO NOT MICROWAVE.  As with any honey, please do not feed it to infants or children under one year of age.  Enjoy some of our delicious honey in tea, on toast or even ice cream! You won't be disappointed.  If you wish to learn more about our hives, you can visit www.sugarridgeranch.com and click the tab entitled "Honey & Hive Gallery."

Treat your family

to Delcious, Healthy, Natural Lamb!



We are now accepting deposits for 2018 lambs.

The 2018 price is $6.25/lb hanging weight

(this includes all processing at

Foss' Fine Meats, Sparta, WI)

Processing will be May-June. You can reserve here on our storefront or if you prefer to pay by personal check, please call us directly.




Premium Quality All Natural

Pasture Raised Pork

The 2017 Price is $4.00/lb hanging weight for a whole hog


$4.50/lb hanging weight for a half hog

(Includes all basic processing at Foss' Fine Meats, Sparta, WI. Additional charges may apply for sausages, speciality items and smoking)


Processing is estimated to be mid November 2017

Reserve here on the storefront to pay a deposit using PayPal or call us directly if you prefer to pay by personal check.



We sincerely thank all our new & returning customers for your business! We are proud to provide you and your families with wholesome, fresh meat - from our farm to your table....


Please click the link below for detailed information

regarding our premium quality meat lambs and pigs.

https://www.sugarridgeranch.com/Why_Berkshire_.html - Pork

http://www.sugarridgeranch.com/Butcher_Lambs.php - Lamb

Reserve your meat today by placing a deposit here in our

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listed under the tab "Custom Order Lamb" or "Custom Order Pork"

Questions? Contact us at 608-637-6474

We are happy to accomodate special requests for your meat order.

If you prefer intact male animals, please reserve early.


Interested in adding our products to your gift shop shelves? Wholesale Pricing is available for large quantity purchases. 

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